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Ovens Broke? Heres what to do?

It isn’t until your oven starts malfunctioning that you’ll begin to realise just how reliant you are on it. The majority of us will use our ovens at least once a day, every single day. We can whip up cooked breakfasts, create delicious lunches, and craft balanced dinners at a much cheaper cost than eating […]

Dont DIY! Why hire Busy Bee Repairs to fix your appliance

The harsh reality of life is that domestic appliances break from time to time. Worse still, they have a habit of doing it at the most inconvenient times, especially on a financial front. Thankfully, in the majority of cases, repairing the broken appliance is a quicker and cheaper alternative than replacement. Repairing domestic appliances also […]

Common Electric Cooker Repairs

Electric ovens are among the most important appliances in the modern home, providing the ability to feed your family. Given that your electric cooker is likely to be used on a daily basis, along with the high temperatures, means that problems can occur. Here are some of the most common electric cooker repair jobs that […]

Whether to Repair or Replace your Faulty Appliance

Appliances play a big part in your home, and they are essential for allowing you to live your life more completely. There are always occasions on which you might find an issue with an appliance, and this is when you need to be proactive. You have to think about whether you’re going to repair an […]

How to get the most from your washing machine?

A washing machine is a must-have appliance in most UK households, but do we really know how to take care of them? Despite investing a significant amount in white goods, most people don’t carry out any maintenance to ensure they get the most out of them. With these handy tips, you can breathe new life […]

5 Signs Your Electric Cooker Is On Its Way Out

If you’re used to wowing crowds at dinner time, the last thing you want is your electric cooker to throw in the towel. While cookers can last for several years, they don’t have an indefinite shelf-life. If your struggling to hit the dizzy heights with your tried and tested favourites, or you feel like something […]